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"Precision Content Copywriting For Ultimate Business Success"


Fast, friendly, creative and customised Direct Response Copywriting Services... designed to help you generate more leads, more prospects, more customers, more sales and ultimately... more profits

What is professional direct response copywriting?

As a direct response copywriter I can help you attract the attention of your website visitors in a warm and friendly manner. Getting people to like and trust you will ultimately help you make sales. Effective content copywriting is key to selling more products and services. I also understand the rules about keywords and SEO, which can help get your website ranked higher.


That's where my expert content copywriting services can help you get an edge over your competition. As an experienced direct response and content copywriter, I can communicate personally with your customers. I can create compelling web page content that can help sell your products and services right off the page, and get your web pages ranked in the search engines.

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How can I help you?

♥ Sales letters for web pages and print

♥ Web page content

♥ Email marketing campaigns

♥ Articles and press releases

♥ Product descriptions

♥ Advertorials, Google Adwords and print ads

♥ Newsletters and blogs

♥ Video scripts and SEO descriptions

♥ Ebook writing


I can help you build your brand, increase your sales and grow your business.


You only get one chance to make a great impression so get it right first time with tried and tested quality copywriting for all your marketing needs.

I'll convince your customers to buy your offer...

As a direct response copywriter and web page content writer, my job is to convince the reader or listener of my sales copy that the product or service you are offering them is something they just cannot live without... they've just got to have it... regardless of price.


I will make the offer irresistible. I can convince your prospect that your offer will... make them more money, save them more time, make them be able to do things better and faster. I can convince them that your product will make them look more beautiful or handsome, it will get them admiration, respect and all the kudos they can handle. Your offer can be whatever they... and you... want it to be. I'll sell it to them... through the power of words.


If you're thinking about creating a sales funnel then let me help you. Let's start with a little teaser copy and a low priced offer... then name and email capture for email follow-ups followed by a friendly upsell... and finally an irresistible one time offer they just can't refuse.


I can hit those emotional buying triggers...

Whatever you want to sell... I'll convince your prospects to buy. And then I'll tell them why they have to buy it now, otherwise they'll lose it. And if they lose the chance to own it they could regret it forever. I'll make them believe it.


My highly effective content copywriting services can help you get all the results you need.  If you want compelling, persuasive, quality SEO content for your website or for print ads... for email marketing or for social media...  contact me today.


You see, through my words, I can manipulate your prospect's emotions... because buying anything other than essential items of food and clothing is almost always an emotional decision. I just convince them to buy and then I make them feel good about it. The results can be breath-taking!


I know all about emotional triggers, those sensitive inner feelings, and I know about pushing those "hot" buttons. It's my job... it's what I do... and I do it well. Contact me for a free quote today... you'll be very glad you did!

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