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I often get emails from people enquiring about writing jobs or how to become a copywriter. I used to get up to 7 emails a week and so I produced a copywriting course, which I intend to turn into an ebook sometime in the future, as I no longer run the course.


Are you serious about becoming a writer and making a living as a freelance writer, whether that be a copywriter or a ghostwriter or any other kind of writer? Well, believe me there are many types of writer but at least they all have a few things in common. They are generally quite passionate about writing, they are very versatile in their skill set and they don't mind working any or all hours of the day.


Of course, you could become an agency writer and write exactly what you are told to write, from an office surrounded by other writers, with deadlines to hit and nothing but pressure. Or, you could become a freelance writer and write what you want for who you want and when you want. Now, which one sounds best?


Okay, well whatever path you choose you will need a constant supply of work, especially in your early days, to be able to fund your new lifestyle whilst gaining massive amounts of experience. To find work you can either compete with very low earning Asian writers who will write all day for five dollars, or you can avoid all the online outsourcing websites, such as Elance and Guru and find your own niche.


To start, you might have to do a bit of both but work on developing a flair and a whole portfolio of styles and you'll have no trouble retaining clients and making more money than the average writer.


Below are some very useful resources, which could help you on your way. I haven't tried any personally but I know trusted people who have and they highly recommend them. I have however, looked into what's on offer here and it all seems perfectly okay to me. There is a small investment required in purchasing this material but you can't ever expect to acquire quality information for free.


I wish you well...


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* Disclaimer: The above information and links are offered as an aid to helping budding writers find their way into the lucrative world of writing for profit. As I have not used them myself I cannot be held responsible for anything they may contain that either hinders or prevents you from becoming a paid writer. I also cannot be held personally responsible for any financial loss as a result of purchase of any the above books and courses. However, all the above offers come with a 60 day money back guarantee... so you have absolutely nothing to lose.