Web Design

There are many occasions where a client is looking to have sales copy written and then has to look for a web designer. We offer all our clients a ‘one stop shop’ service for all their online marketing needs and that includes web and graphic design.
My colleagues at Anglox Web Design know exactly how to create an impact on the internet by designing a fully responsive website for you and incorporating your sales letter or content. That means they can design any bespoke graphics, incorporate any type of imagery including videos, install email capture forms, PayPal or other forms of online payment processing, create ebook graphics and make your digital product downloadable on receipt of payment.
Web pages are designed to be responsive to any type of device, which means the pages will automatically resize to fit a TV screen, desktop PC monitor, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Recent surveys suggest that more people than ever are now regularly accessing the internet via their smartphones.
Our web design team can install all types of scripts, which can perform a myriad of operations including real-time and date display, first name display, delayed content display, countdown timers and just about anything else you can think of or imagine.
Their speciality is designing sales funnels and OTO offers. They can also arrange domain registration and web hosting. So there’s no need to look any further for all your web design needs. Simply contact me, tell me what you want to do and I’ll provide you with a breakdown of costs.
Simply ask me for a free quote

Marketing Videos

A few years back I could clearly see the value of online VIDEO in promoting products and services online and for generating traffic. Besides, Google had bought Youtube with the intention of monetizing video so it was obvious that video was the way to go for business.
I set up BusyVids to cater for the hungry video market and the rest, as they say, is history. BusyVids uses Camtasia Studio to create screen capture videos and explainer videos. We also use specific software products to create animated videos, hand-drawn type videos and we can create dynamic HD video intros.
We can create any type of video but we don’t do ‘on location’ videos. Our aim has always been to create affordable videos for all types of businesses.
The benefits of video are enormous and I could go into much detail here, but best visit our BusyVids website here to learn more: busyvids.co.uk
What I will say here is… videos are relatively cheap, can bring free traffic to a website over a long period of time, can dramatically help sell products and services and they are engaging and entertaining. Videos and video marketing are going to be around for a very, very long time.
Did you know that Youtube is searched for products and services more than any other search engine other than Google? The stats are phenomenal and I would urge every type of online business to get involved with using video for all their marketing and promotions.
If you like the idea of video marketing then we can create a full video marketing campaign for you. For more information about video marketing visit our flagship site here
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