Video… Marketing Videos

I have a vested interest in marketing videos because I own the video production and marketing company, BusyVids ( and Plus I have a fairly active Youtube channel:
Marketing videos include the promo, the explainer and the blatant sales video. They can be produced using various types of software such as Camtasia Studio, Adobe After-Effects, Explaindio Video Creator, Easy Sketch Pro, VideoMaker and good ol’ Powerpoint. We use them all.


Video is so engaging. Video can get the message across like no other medium and video is going to be around for a long, long time. Truth is… we can’t get enough of video because it’s so powerful. You can make your videos funny, happy, sad, meaningful, intelligent… anything you want them to be. So it stands to reason that if you want to promote your products or services online then video has got to be the number one choice.


When I set up BusyVids in 2012, video was already making an impact on the internet. However, the production costs were way too much for the smaller business so I saw a gap in the market. We started by creating screen capture type films of websites, taking the viewer on a tour of the site. This was a great way of getting websites noticed, which otherwise might never have stood a chance. We were able to rank videos in the search engines and it wasn’t long before they were showing up in Google’s general search results, beating many web pages for the top position.


Since then, many people have jumped on the bandwagon and there are now all types of videos being created with all types of software. However, we’re still ahead of most of them because what we learned back then still applies now. That means we can still make videos for our clients and rank them, unlike many other video producers. We also know how to make a client’s website shoot up the rankings just by having a video placed on its homepage.


We’re always experimenting with video but our core business will always be about creating affordable videos for small business. Even the small corner shop can benefit from having a ‘local video’ produced and hosted on YouTube. Video has really pushed the boundaries of online marketing and will continue to push. We have every intention of being there at the forefront, pushing and shoving our video production and video marketing services.


It’s really incredible to think that you could place an advert in your local paper at a cost of £100 and it will be displayed for one day, maybe seen about 50% of the readership and if you’re lucky you might make a single sale or get 2% more website visitors. Whereas, a one-minute video can be created for the same price, be displayed for years and bring a steady stream of visitors to your website. It’s an absolute no-brainer!


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