Proofreading… Proofreading Services

Proofreading is about the accuracy of grammar and punctuation. It might also cover aspects of writing such as expression and consistency in presentation. Proofreading techniques apply equally to electronic documents and print documentation. It’s basically a clean-up or tidy-up of the author’s work before finally becoming a publication.
These days, with many website owners writing their own web copy and content, proofreading gets overlooked. As a consequence, bad grammar and poor punctuation go unnoticed except for the discerning potential customer or client, whose shrewd eye never misses a trick. It’s a fact! Bad grammar and poor punctuation sucks! Everyone knows it except the authors of web pages and poorly written print copy, found on photo-copied brochures, flyers and handouts.
To be a proofreader you only need an understanding and the command of the English language. You don’t need a degree in English despite what many people might think. Now, there’s often a good reason why a direct response copywriter would not want a proofreader anywhere near his or her work. That’s because direct response copy knows no bounds. It is about writing good grammar and it’s always about good punctuation but it’s hardly ever about delivering good English.
The reason for this is because direct response copywriting is about written communication and not strict rule adherence. That said, you would still want your cherished book looked over by an experienced proofreader before going to print. It’s all too easy to miss something when you’re writing and sometimes you can look at a piece for hours or read it over several times and still not spot an obvious glaring mistake. So, proofreaders do provide a valuable service.
I have offered this service to many of my clients who have written their own copy for sales letters and advertising material. I have even proofread several self-published books on behalf of my clients. I must always remember to take off my copywriter’s hat when I do this kind of work because as I said, copywriting breaks all the rules.