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What is a web copywriter?
So what exactly is web content? Content is king, long live the king! Web content drives the web. It’s what everyone is looking for, only we know it better as web copy or simply, written information that can be found on the web. So basically web content is the text you read on web pages. But it’s also much more than that. To the SEO expert and especially the SEO copywriter or web copywriter, web content can make all the difference between a website getting on page one of Google’s search pages, to not being seen at all… ever!
Web content is just so important for websites. It’s one of the most popular of all copywriting services. Amazingly, it can easily become overlooked in its real importance and value. It’s not about filling up web pages with loads of repetitive text containing keywords that appear at every opportunity. It’s about informative copy, interesting copy, educational copy. It’s about providing accurate facts and figures that give real value to the reader. And the more valuable this information is, the more the website owner will be rewarded for their efforts.
I’m talking about Google page ranking. Individuals and companies alike are spending millions if not billions on trying to get their products and services in front of their target audiences. They hope, many in vain, that their websites will simply get them the sales they crave. They’ll spend so much money on SEO services and backlinks when all they really need is rich, informative quality web page content, written by a professional direct response copywriter.
There is no way you can cut corners here. Google will not allow it and rightly so. Google’s page bots have become so sophisticated that they can smell a spelling or grammatical error a cyber-mile away. And don’t even consider having any of those ridiculous spun articles on your site in the crazy belief they constitute content. Google’s hounds will find them and your website will be cast into the deepest darkest abyss never to be seen again. It’s just not worth it.
Web content is your website’s life-blood and it needs to keep flowing in order to stay alive. So says Google, and who’s going to argue? Now web content is not entirely limited to copy, it also includes images and much more importantly, especially in recent times, is video. Video content is the richest, most valuable web content you could ever grace your pages with. It’s totally engaging and it ticks all the boxes in every other area too, as long as it is done right. That means, as long as it contains essential elements of relevant information.
You won’t score brownie points for copying a funny video from Youtube and simply embedding it into your web page. It must be unique and it must be relevant to your site and your products or services. Videos are so powerful that they can rank on their own in the general search pages, so when they are placed into the website as content, they will rocket your website up the rankings. I have seen this with my own eyes. For more on video content contact my colleagues at
Websites that are content-generating are the biggest on the internet and have the highest ranking. From Facebook, Twitter, eBay and LinkedIn right down to all the specific interest forums, if the content is fresh and continuous it will out-perform any other website in its category. So there you have it. Content is an investment in your website’s performance and ranking, so you really do need to take it seriously and get some quality content on your site if you want to dominate your market.
Another important thing to remember about web content is, if you are going to add images to your pages, you must ensure they are licensed or that you own them or you have permission to use them. Never assume that images are free to use if you find them on the internet. Many are not free and you could face big financial demands by the copyright owners if you are found to be using them without permission. Play it safe. Buy your images from a reputable stock image website. Buy your unique content from a professional direct response web copywriter.
For top quality, unique written or video web content in any industry or market, contact me today.