Brochures… Brochure Writing

When we think of brochures, we might think of about glossy holiday brochures or those home improvement handouts. Basically, a brochure can be created for any type of business and is almost always glossy. The brochure stands out amongst marketing pieces because it is representative of the company and not just their products and services. It’s a branding vehicle and so it has to be very presentable and must show the company in the best possible light. The spotlight or the limelight…
Brochures are not designed for reading and then disposing of. They have a lifespan. They can stick around for many years and are meant to be reference material. That’s why so much goes into designing and developing them and not to mention the huge printing costs involved. In some cases, brochures can resemble catalogues with pages and pages of products. However, where they differ from catalogues is that they carry more information about the company’s products or services.
You would expect to see lots of images in a brochure, all tastefully photographed or photo-shopped and you might find a few short articles also. In some brochures, you will not find any reference to prices. This is especially true of any upmarket type publication as blatant price tagging would be far too vulgar. Yet in others, there will be prices falling of every page. This is the crude brochure and will generally be the cheaper version.
Copywriters who write for top quality brochures are expected to write top quality copy. This is sumptuous copy, delicious copy and even androgynous copy, which is that copy that possesses universal sex appeal. Oh yes! It must have sex appeal. And that’s the problem with many poor brochures today. They simply lack class or sex appeal.
We must always remember that sex sells. It always has and it always will do. It’s THE way of marketing and that’s a fact. Glossy is sexy, the imagery is generally sexy and the products are shown is sexy positions or with sexy people demonstrating their uses. Sex is such a powerful selling tool.
If the brochure has done its job it will get shared. It will be kept in the drawer or in the magazine rack. It will always be around because it will be just too good to throw away. Its smooth glossy feel adds to its value and it will have its place in the home, the office, the waiting room and the hotel lobby. People like brochures and if they like your brochure, they’ll like you and they’ll like your company and your products or services.
Brochures are here to stay. The brochure will still be around when newspapers, magazines, leaflets and pamphlets have long been binned and pulped. Long live the brochure.
If you need some exquisite copy for your brochure to help promote your local or national business, your products or your services… contact me.