Leaflets… Leaflet Writing

A leaflet comes somewhere between a flyer and a brochure. It’s basically a one-page A4 or A3 size sheet with one or two folds. The purpose of a leaflet is to provide just enough information via text and imagery in order to promote a product or service.
In general, leaflets are glossy and the graphics are well designed with the intention of having a large print run for mass distribution either by hand or by mail. They are particularly good at promoting special offers and sales but they will generally have a short lifespan so have to create an impact.
Many people will receive leaflets through their letterbox along with perhaps a newspaper or magazine. Also, your local takeaway will hand deliver them to you, usually adorned with images of scrumptious food to tempt the taste buds.
Although I have written the content for many leaflets, I don’t tend to get involved in the graphic design side of things, preferring to leave this to the designers.
There will always be a place for leaflets in local marketing as they are ‘short and sweet’, deliver the message instantly and can accommodate lots of quality graphics. They can also be very cheap to produce.