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The SEO buzz!
Every website needs it but not every website owner understand it. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is about optimising your web content so that it meets all the requirements of the search engines, in this case I mean mainly Google. Some SEO methods are simple, like adding alt tags to every image on your website. Others methods are just as simple only they need a bit more care, like adding keywords at the right density to your web content… and without over-doing it.
Since Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates quite a few websites have lost ranking positions in Google’s search engine and in a nutshell it’s simply because of poor quality content. You can read more about Panda and Penguin algorithms here:
Now, let’s look at this problem logically… Google is in the business of providing its search “customers” with quality search results. The more quality and better the information they can provide, the better Google are performing. Search is Google’s business, so why shouldn’t they want to deliver the best possible results? It makes good business sense and it’s really nothing more than providing good customer service.
So now the pressure is on website owners to provide the content Google expects or face the consequences. What that actually means is if you want your website to appear on the coveted first page of the Google search results for your preferred keywords, then you had better pay attention to your website’s content. SEO is about tweaking a number of things, content is one of the most important, backlinks are also important but they had better be from quality authoritative websites, otherwise you’ll get penalised again.
It’s a safe bet that fresh quality content emanating from your website will enhance your SEO and that’s official. It’s what Google has been telling everyone for years, and now they are enforcing the issue. It means website owners cannot possibly have a site built and then expect to get it anywhere without working on it constantly. However, the good news is your content can be in the form of a blog, which you can update every few days but no longer than a week at a time.
You can also write articles about your products and services and post these on your website, but what you cannot do any more is go to an article directory and take an article for your website. Duplicate content is not acceptable. Neither can you go to one of the freelance websites and get a keyword stuffed article for $2 and put that on your website. Sorry but Google knows all about uniqueness, quality and keywords so you can’t get away with any of this anymore.
Some people try to beat the system by having one article written and then using a software program to spin out hundreds of variations of that very same article. That’s absolutely crazy. One good quality, unique, interesting and informative article is worth 100 useless spun articles any day. However, it won’t stop some people from trying to beat Google on this. They will undoubtedly pay dearly though in the long-term so follow this example at your peril.
I’m afraid there’s no way of getting around it if you are serious about wanting to get a top place on Google’s search pages. You have to add fresh quality content to your site, either with articles, blog postings, videos or user-generated content, and the more there is and the more frequently it is added the better for you, your website and ultimately your business.
Badly designed websites with poor quality content, weak descriptions, poor graphics, no T&Cs, no contact details, poor navigation, no sitemaps, no image alt tags and no backlinks have no future and no place in the search engines.
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